The Grammys have revoked an award only once

The Grammys have revoked an award only once (Andrew R. Chow @ nytimes)
That happened 28 years ago today, after the German duo Milli Vanilli confessed that they hadn‘t actually sung on their debut album. They also admitted to lip-syncing at their many shows, and blamed their producer for putting them up to it. The scandal cost them the 1989 Grammy for Best New Artist — and their careers. Since then, Milli Vanilli has become pop culture shorthand for fraud. Last month, Nicki Minaj referred to the group in a thinly veiled shot at Cardi B, her rival. But the discussion around authenticity has shifted as well. Cardi B and Kanye West openly acknowledge receiving help with their lyrics, while Mariah Carey and Garth Brooks have survived high-profile lip-sync blunders. In an era of C.G.I and android pop stars, the truth behind art is almost beside the point.
We’ll never know if Milli Vanilli was actually years ahead of its time.

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